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Grid Storage

Electricity generation from renewable energy technologies, particularly solar and wind can help meet the increasing global electricity demand and reduce CO2 emissions. However, electricity generation from renewable sources is intermittent and deeply distributed which challenges their widespread integration to the grid. A scenario where renewable resources contribute a large percentage energy generation will likely require the integration of large-scale energy storage to support, balance and stabilize the power system.

Current energy storage technologies are based on mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic and electrochemical principles or a combination thereof. They face several limitations and drawbacks to large-scale deployment including efficiency, lifetime, and cost. GCEP-funded research addresses storage technology amenable to implementation at a large-scale and incorporation into electricity grid with 50% renewable power penetration. If successful, these projects also have the potential to perform at round-trip conversion efficiencies exceeding 80% and to incur energy losses of less than 5% during the storage period.

Investigators in Grid Storage

Current Research Activities