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GCEP - Globe
June 2012

2012 Technical Report

New GCEP Awards for innovative energy research


From the Director

The inaugural quarterly newsletter for the Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) premiered in March to a wonderful response. Thanks for helping us get this new effort off to such a successful start. In this second edition, we plan to keep the momentum going with more exciting news about the research and people that continue to energize our Project.

The 2012 GCEP technical report has just been posted on our website. GCEP investigators highlight the progress made towards their research goals in this detailed annual report, one of the most viewed documents on our website.

GCEP recently awarded $8.4 million to seven Stanford research teams. See "What's New" below to learn about these efforts that range from an all-carbon solar cell to a soot-free diesel combustion process. Plus, find out about the important role of GCEP Research Theme Leaders and how investigator Tom Jaramillo is helping define for us the areas in electrochemical energy conversion and storage with the greatest potential.

I hope you enjoy reading about GCEP and have a wonderful summer.

Sally M. Benson, Director
Global Climate & Energy Project
What's New
GCEP recently awarded $8.4 million for research led by 11 investigators from the Stanford School of Engineering and SLAC. The researchers will develop new technologies that could significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Game-Changing Research
GCEP investigators Albert Polman and Harry Atwater won a major international prize for renewable energy research. The pair was honored for their cutting-edge research in plasmonic photovoltaics.


Inside GCEP
What are GCEP Research Theme Leaders and how do they help guide the direction of GCEP research? Find out how leading scholars bring a broad global perspective on finding the next breakthrough energy technologies for GCEP.
Tom Jaramillo, an assistant professor of chemical engineering, came to Stanford in large part because of GCEP and the opportunities in energy research that it provides. Now he steps into a new role in the area of electrochemical energy conversion and storage.
•  GCEP workshop investigates Energy Supply with Negative Carbon Emissions
•  Incoming graduate students to learn about the Stanford energy landscape
•  GCEP students and postdocs take to the podium this summer to present their energy research
•  Bay Area PV Consortium led by GCEP investigator Yi Cui awards $7.5 million in new awards
•  Sally Benson shares her optimism about cleantech energy development
•  GCEP biomass research highlighted in leading green chemistry and sustainability journal

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