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Peer-Reviewed Publications
Exploratory Projects

Efficient Cell-Free Hydrogen Production from Glucose
Geological Sequestration of CO2 – An Exploratory Study of the Mechanisms and Kinetics of CO2 Reaction with Mg-Silicates
  • Del Real, G., P. Maher, G. E. Brown, and D. K. Bird. “CO2 sequestration in ultramafic rocks: Geological, physical, and chemical constraints from the Red Mountain Magnesite District, California,” (in preparation, 2010).
  • Johnson, N. C, B. Thomas, K. Maher, D. K. Bird, R. B. Rosenbauer, and G. E. Brown, Jr. “Kinetics of olivine carbonation at 60°C and 100 bar.” Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta (in preparation, 2010).
High capacity molecular hydrogen storage in novel crystalline solids
  • Kroon, M. C., H. Docherty, P. T. Cummings, C. J. Peters, G.-J. Witkamp, and W. L. Mao. “Novel interactions in hydrogen-rich van der Waals compound CH4(H2)4,” JACS (submitted, 2010).

High Voltage Alloys for Lithium Battery Cathodes
Multijunction Nanowire Solar Cells for Inexpensive and Highly Efficient Photoelectricity: Enabling Methods
  • Hu, S., A.F. Marshall, and P.C. McIntyre. “Interface-controlled low-temperature metal-induced crystallization of germanium films on amorphous substrates.” Adv. Mater. (submitted, 2010).
Nanotube Networks as Transparent Electrodes for Solar Cells
Nanowire-Nanocrystal Multiexciton Solar Cells
Spectroscopic Characterization of Multi-Exciton Generation Efficiency in Nano-Structured Materials


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