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GCEP Research Symposium 2014
GCEP Research Symposium 2014 Banner
Speakers include:
Chad Holliday Thomas Friedman Arun Majumdar
Chad Holliday
Chairman of the Board –
Bank of America
Thomas Friedman
Columnist –
The New York Times, Author
Arun Majumdar
Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Senior Fellow at Precourt Institute for Energy – Stanford University
Chris Field Sally BensonDan Kammen
Chris Field
Founding Director – Carnegie Institution's Department
of Global Ecology, Co-Chair – IPCC Working Group II
Sally Benson
Director of Global Climate and Energy Project,
Director of Precourt Institute for Energy – Stanford University
Daniel Kammen
Director – Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory,
Professor in the Energy and Resources Group, UC-Berkeley

Thought leaders will discuss the teamwork and leadership needed to move the clean energy agenda forward to create low-carbon energy technologies for all. GCEP principal investigators will showcase their latest scientific innovations and exciting new ideas in the energy research arena. Plus, experts will lead Energy 101 tutorials throughout the symposium.

The following GCEP investigators will share highlights from their research:
(from Stanford University unless noted below)

Zhenan Bao, Chemical Engineering
Hemamala Karunadasa, Chemistry
Clint Chapple, Biochemistry – Purdue University

Matthew Kanan, Chemistry
Robert Waymouth, Chemistry
Thomas Jaramillo, Chemical Engineering

Edward Maginn, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – University of Notre Dame
Edward Rubin,
Engineering and Public Policy – Carnegie Mellon University
Reginald Mitchell, Turgut Gur, Mechanical Engineering

Roger Howe, Electrical Engineering
Robert Braun, Mechanical Engineering – Colorado School of Mines
William Chueh, Materials Science and Engineering

Plus, ENERGY 101 TUTORIALS, including:
Thermoelectrics 101, Arun Majumdar, Mechanical Engineering – Stanford University
Wind 101, Patrick Riley, Aero, Thermal & Mechanical Systems – GE Global Research
Synthetic Fuels 101, Thomas Jaramillo, Chemical Engineering – Stanford University
Net Energy Analysis of Renewables 101, Charlie Barnhart, Environmental Sciences – Western Washington University

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