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Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions


August 26-27, 2008
Stanford University

Paul Gunning Bob Harriss
Paul Gunning from the US Environmental Protection Agency gives an overview of GHG Emissions other than CO2.
Bob Harriss from the Houston Advanced Research Center in Texas, discusses the uncertainties of Landfill methane inventories and what the next steps may be.

Marc Kolb Jennifer Milne
Marc Kolb, from PG&E, highlights research on Biomethane to Pipelines: the challenges and opportunities to increasing an attractive waste to energy option.
Jennifer Milne, one of GCEP's Energy Assessment Analyst's and the workshop organizer, introduces speakers for the session on Emissions from the Livestock Sector.

Chris McSweeney Scott Fendorf
Chris McSweeney, from CSIRO, Australia, talks about the issues facing cattle farmers in developing countries. Scott Fendorf, chairs the session on Nitrous Oxide & Methane Emissions from Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems.
Pam Matson Klaus Butterbach-Bahl
Pam Matson, Dean for Stanford's School of Earth Sciences, answers a question about Nitrous Oxide & Methane Emissions from Land Systems.
Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, from the Institute for Meteorology & Climate Research in Germany, explains his research on global changes from natural and managed lands.
Bill Parton Claudia Wagner-Riddle
Bill Parton, from Colorado State University, starts off the session on emissions from Soils, and how to simulate GHG emissions with the use of models.
Claudia Wagner-Riddle from the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada, discusses her research on Tuable Diode Laser Spectrocscopy and how it's applied to emissions from animal waste & agricultural fields.


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