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GCEP Energy Workshops
Biomass Energy

April 27, 2004
Presentations available for download as PDFs.

Welcome and Introduction
GCEP Introduction and Workshop Purpose
Richard Sassoon, GCEP
Biomass Resources and Issues
Future Biomass Energy: A Global Climate Change Perspective
Steve Smith, Joint Climate Change Research Institute, University of Maryland and PNNL
Photosynthesis, Algae, CO2 and Bio-Hydrogen
John Benemann, Institute for Environmental Management
Energy Crop Resources and Technologies
Lynn Wright, ORNL
Energy Crop Development through Genetic Engineering
Rick Meilan, Purdue University
Biomass and Biogas Combustion
Biomass Fuel Properties and Their Consequences in Biomass Combustion and Cofiring
Larry Baxter, Brigham Young University
Distributed Generation and Engines/Turbines for Combustion of Biogas
David Thimsen, EPRI
Biomass Gasification
Thermo-Chemical Biomass Gasification Technologies and Products
Ralph Overend, NREL
Biomass IGCC at Värnamo, Sweden
Krister Ståhl, Ducente AB
Biomass Gasification Systems for Electric Power, Cogeneration, Liquid Fuels, and Hydrogen
Eric Larson, Princeton University
Biological Technologies
Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion: Fundamentals and Applications
Ann Wilkie, University of Florida
Metabolic Engineering: Ethanol and Chemicals
K.T. Shanmugam, University of Florida
Improved Cellulases for the Biorefinery
Colin Mitchinson, Genencor International


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