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GCEP Research Symposium 2011

GCEP had its first “best poster” competition that was judged by a panel of outside independent reviewers, Stanford technical staff, and GCEP Sponsor technical representatives.

See below for full poster list.

Here are the winners:
Below is a full list of posters from the Symposium

  • BioEnergy
  • Biomass and Carbon Negative Energy
    Lena Perkins and Christopher Field
  • Engineering a Synthetic Enzyme Pathway for the Conversion of Biomass to Hydrogen
    Phillip R. Smith, Kunal K. Mehta, and James R. Swartz
  • Microbial Electrosynthesis of Carbon Neutral Fuels
    Holly L. Sewell, Svenja T. Lohner, Ann A. Lesnefsky, and Alfred M. Spormann
  • Genetic Screening for Improved Saccharification Properties in Arabidopsis
    Christopher McClellan, Yuguo Xiao, Katarzyna Rataj, Gordon Simpson, and Claire Halpin
  • Study of Delignification and Enzymatic Digestibility of Artificially Lignified Cell Walls Containing Novel Lignin Precursors
    Sasikumar Elumalai, John Grabber, John Ralph, and Xuejun Pan
  • Potential Monolignol Replacements: Lignification with Hydroxycinnamoyl Amides
    Yimin Zhu, Yuki Tobimatsu, Sasikumar Elumalai, Hoon Kim, Christy Davidson, Xuejun Pan, John H. Grabber, and John Ralph
  • Hydroxycinnamate Conjugates as Potential Monolignol Replacements: In Vitro Lignification and Cell Wall Studies with Rosmarinic Acid
    Yuki Tobimatsu, Sasikumar Elumalai, John H. Grabber, Christy L. Davidson, Xuejun Pan, and John Ralph
  • An Association Genetics Approach to Identifying Novel Targets for Lignin Biosynthesis Engineering and Improved Biofuel Feedstocks
    Chiarina Darrah, Geert Goeminne, Kris Morreel, Ruben Vanholme, John Ralph, and Wout Boerjan
  • Mass Spectrometry-Based Sequencing of Lignin Oligomers in Bioenergy Crops
    Geert Goeminne, Kris Morreel, Chiarina Darrah, Oana Dima, John Ralph, and Wout Boerjan
  • Subcellular Localization of Candidate Lignin Monomer Substitutes in Arabidopsis
    Oana Dima, Kris Morreel, Ruben Vanholme, Bartel Vanholm, and Wout Boerjan

  • Solar Energy
  • The Energy Balance of the PV Industry
    Michael Dale and Sally M. Benson
  • AGILE: Axially Graded Index LEns for Solar Concentrator
    Nina Vaidya and Olav Solgaard
  • Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission for Concentrated Solar
    J.W. Schwede, I. Bargatin, D.C. Riley, R.T. Howe, N.A. Melosh, and Z.-X. Shen
  • Solid-State Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission
    Samuel Rosenthal, Jared Schwede, Tomas Sarmiento, James Harris, Zhi-Xun Shen, and Nicholas Melosh
  • Optimization and Characterization of Nanostructured Surfaces for Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission and Photoemission Cathodes
    D.C. Riley, V.K. Narasimhan, J. Jean, I. Bargatin, J.W. Schwede, R.T. Howe, Z.-X. Shen, and N.A. Melosh
  • Using First-Principles Simulations to Discover Materials with Ultra-Low Work Functions for Energy Conversion Applications
    Sharon Chou, Igor Bargatin, Frank Abild-Pedersen, Aleksandra Vojvodic, Piero Pianetta, Jens K. Nørskov, and Roger T. Howe
  • Studying Charge Transport through Doped ZnO Nanowire Thin Film Solar Cell Electrodes
    Sujay Phadke, Saniya LeBlanc, Youngmin Park, Jung-Yong Lee, Peter Peumans, Kenneth Goodson, and Alberto Salleo
  • Harnessing Sub-Bandgap Light in Solar Cells with an Upconverting Electrode
    Di Wu, Jennifer Dionne, and Alberto Salleo
  • Light Trapping in Thin-Film Si Solar Cells Using Metal and Dielectric Nanostructures
    Pierpaolo Spinelli, M. v. Lare, J. v. d. Groep, and A. Polman
  • Nanophotonic Approaches for Selective Absorption Enhancement
    Nicholas P. Sergeant, Chu-En Chang, Peter Peumans, and Shanhui Fan
  • Optical Effects in Solar Cells
    Erik Garnett and Michael D. McGehee
  • Solution-Processed Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Using a Benzothiadiazole-Based Small Molecule Acceptor
    Jason Bloking, Xu Han, Andrew T. Higgs, John P. Kastrop, Alan Sellinger and Michael D. McGehee
  • 5,11-Conjugation-Extended “Orthogonal” Anthradithiophene-Containing Copolymers
    Ying Jiang, Teddy Salim, Gaurav Giri, Nicole Cates Miller, Yeng Meng Lam, Michael D. McGehee, and Zhenan Bao
  • Selective Dispersion of High Purity Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Regioregular Poly(3- alkylthiophene)s
    H Wang, H W Lee, Y Yoon, S Park, J H Oh, S H Hong, L S Liyanage, S Morishita, G Galli, F Gygi, and Z Bao
  • Controlled Oxidative Doping of Carbon Nanotubes with MoOx for Robust, High Performance Transparent Electrodes
    Sondra L. Hellstrom, Michael Vosgueritchian, Randall M. Stoltenberg, and Zhenan Bao
  • Uncovering the Relationship between Molecular Structure and Device Performance Using X-Ray Scattering and Spectroscopy
    Alexander L. Ayzner, Jianguo Mei, Dohwan Kim, Eric Verploegen, Dennis Nordlund, Zhenan Bao, and Michael F. Toney
  • The Harvard Clean Energy Project - Large Scale Computational Screening and Design of Carbon-Based Photovoltaics
    Johannes Hachmann, Roberto Olivares-Amaya, Sule Atahan-Evrenk, Carlos Amador-Bedolla, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, and Zhenan Bao
  • Theoretical Characterization of Charge and Energy Transport Parameters in Organic Semiconductors
    Sule Atahan and Alan Aspuru-Guzik
  • Low-Temperature Si Nanocone/Polymer Hybrid Solar Cells
    Sangmoo Jeong and Yi Cui
  • What Can Dipoles Do for You?
    Ronald L. Grimm, Matthew J. Bierman, Leslie O’Leary, Nicholas C. Strandwitz, Bruce S. Brunschwig, and Nathan S. Lewis

  • Advanced Energy Trans ormations and Storage
  • Wireless Energy Transfer to Moving Vehicles
    Xiaofang Yu, Sunil Sandhu, Sven Beiker, Richard Sassoon, and Shanhui Fan
  • Electrocatalytic Reactivity by Covalently Immobilized Metal Complexes
    Eric Stenehjem, Matthew A. Pellow, Andrew M. Thomas, and T. Daniel P. Stack
  • Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts for the Electrooxidation of Methanol
    Kristen R. Brownell and Robert M. Waymouth
  • Carbon Dioxide Electrochemical Reduction on Metals
    David N. Abram, Kendra P. Kuhl, Etosha Cave, and Thomas F. Jaramillo
  • Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction on Copper
    Kendra P. Kuhl, Etosha Cave, David N. Abram, and Thomas F. Jaramillo
  • Flatness-Based Adaptive Control of D-STATCOM
    Yao Xu, Fangxing Li, and Kevin Tomsovic
  • Flatness-Based Automatic Generation Control with High Penetration of Wind Energy
    Maryam Hassani Variani, and Kevin Tomsovic
  • Multi-Sensor Networked Estimation in Electric Power Grids
    Bei Yan and Hanoch Lev-Ari
  • Use of Sparsely Distributed Synchronized Recorders for Locating Faults in Power Grids
    Ali Abur and Hanoch Lev-Ari
  • Equivalent Models to Study Scalable and Flat Controls for Reliable Power Grid Operation with High Renewable Penetration
    Saurav Mohapatra and Thomas J. Overbye
  • Integrated Grid and Pollution Simulation for Policy Analysis and System Planning: A Tool for Government and Industry Use
    Andrew Kindle and Dan Shawhan
  • An Application of Flat Control to Wide-Area Power System Damping Using Synchrophasor Data
    Scott G. Ghiocel and Joe H. Chow
  • Offshore Wind HVDC System Stability and Control
    Hanchao Liu and Jian Sun
  • Resource and Manufacturing Limits on Extensive Grid-Scale Energy Storage
    Charles Barnhart and Sally M. Benson

  • Carbon-Based Energy Systems
  • Carbon Capture Using Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
    Abby Kirchofer, Soumendra Barman, Zhenan Bao, and Jennifer Wilcox
  • Increasing Engine Efficiency through Extreme Compression
    Greg Roberts, Matt Svrcek, and Chris Edwards
  • Optimal Architectures for Heat and Work Regenerative Engines
    Sankaran Ramakrishnan, and Christopher F. Edwards
  • Effect of a Si-Rich Layer on Olivine Carbonation Under In-Situ Conditions
    Natalie Johnson, Burt Thomas, Kate Maher, Dennis Bird, Robert Rosenbauer, and Gordon Brown
  • Geological Storage of CO2 Using Serpentinite in the Presence of Natural Organic Matters
    Seung-Hee Kang, Burt Thomas, Natalie Johnson, Kate Maher, Robert Rosenbauer, Dennis Bird, and Gordon Brown
  • Geomechanical Work Potential of CO2-Rich Fluids to Create Porosity Required for Geologic CO2 Sequestration
    Pablo García Del Real, Kate Maher, Dennis K. Bird, and Gordon E. Brown, Jr.
  • Integration of Counter-Current Relative Permeability in the Simulation of CO2 Injection into Saline Aquifers
    Mohammad Javaheri and Kristian Jessen
  • Sealing Capacity Estimation for CO2: Based on Oil Field Information
    Juan Song and Dongxiao Zhang
  • A Method for Quick Assessment of CO2 Injectivity of Geologic Formations
    Qi Fang, Ronghua Wu, Yibing Ke, Jianxing Don, and Yilian Li
  • Hydrogeological Characteristics of Saline Aquifers and Solutions to Salt Precipitation and Pressure Build-Up During CO2 Storage in Jianghan Basin, China
    Yibing Ke, Yilian Li, Ying Yu, Telesphore Kabera, Wei Zhang, and Qi Fang
  • Assessment of CO2 Geological Storage Potential of Some Sedimentary Basins in China
    Guodong Yang, Yilian Li, Peng Cheng, Wei Zhang, Qi Fang, and Yibing Ke
  • CO2 Separation Membrane Created by sc-CO2Structure Directing Method
    Kota Yamazaki, Shingo Kazama, Teruhiko Kai, Ikuo Taniguchi, and Shuhong Duan
  • CO2 Interim Storage as a Tool for CO2 Market Development: Comprehensive Technical Assessment
    Karim Farhat and Sally M. Benson
  • Including Fine-Scale Capillary Heterogeneity in Modeling the Flow of CO2 and Brine in Reservoir Cores
    Boxiao Li and Sally M. Benson
  • Effect of Gravity, Flow Rate, and Heterogeneity on CO2/Brine Relative Permeability Measurement
    Chia-Wei Kuo and Sally M. Benson
  • CO2/Water Capillary Pressure of Sandstones at Reservoir Conditions
    Ronny Pini and Sally M. Benson
  • CO2 Exsolution during CO2Saturated Water Depressurization Relevant to Carbon Sequestration
    Lin Zuo and Sally M. Benson
  • The Multiphase Flow Properties of the CO2/Water System in Reservoir Rocks
    Sam Krevor, Ronny Pini, Lin Zuo, Boxiao Li and Sally M. Benson
  • A Procedure for Accurate Determination of Sub-Core Scale Permeability Distributions with Error Quantification
    Michael Krause, Samuel Krevor, J-C. Perrin, Ronny Pini and Sally Benson
  • The Application of Dynamic Discrete Fracture Modeling in Carbon Dioxide Geological Sequestration
    Da Huo and Sally M, Benson
  • Cabonate Rocks Flooded with CO2-Rich Water: Role of the Presence of Oil
    Stephanie Vialle and Gary Mavko


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