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GCEP Research Symposium 2009

September 30 - October 2, 2009
Stanford University

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  • Thursday, October 1, 2009
  • Biofuels and Bioenergy Conversion
  • Efficient Biomass Conversion: Delineating the Best Monolignol Substitutes (Introductory Overview)
    John Ralph, Hoon Kim, Fachuang Lu, Dino K. Ress, Yuki Tobimatsu, Xuejun Pan, Sara Patterson, John H. Grabber
  • Immobilization of beta-Glucosidase on Porous Sol-gel Polymers for Enhanced Bioactivity
    Maria T. Dulay and Richard N. Zare
  • Synthesis of Unconventional Lignin Monomers: Development of a Systems-Based Prelignification Archetype
    Dino K. Ress, Yuki Tobimatsu, Hoon Kim, Fachuang Lu, John Ralph, Christy Davidson, John H. Grabber
  • Strategies for Hydrogen Production Using [FeFe] Hydrogenase
    Alyssa S. Bingham, Phillip R. Smith, James A. Stapleton, Jon M. Kuchenreuther, and James R. Swartz
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Remediation of Possible Leakage from Geologic CO2 Storage into Groundwater Aquifers
    Ariel Esposito, Sally Benson
  • Development of Permeability Relationships for Use in Simulation of Core Flooding Experiments
    Michael Krause, Jean-Christophe Perrin and Sally Benson
  • Effect of Small Scale Heterogeneity on Multiphase Flow of CO2 and Brine Simulations
    Chia-Wei Kuo, Jean-Christophe Perrin and Sally Benson
  • Rapid Detection and Characterization of Surface CO2 Leakage Through The Real-Time Measurement of δ13C Signatures in CO2 Flux from the Ground
    Samuel Krevor, Jean-Christophe Perrin, Ariel Esposito, Chris Rella, Sally M Benson
  • Tools and Procedures for Relative Permeability Measurements in CO2/Brine Systems
    Kristin Stannard, Jean-Christophe Perrin and Sally Benson
  • Advanced CO2/H2Separation Materials Incorporating Active Functional Agents
    Ryosuke Shimizu, Shuhong Duan, Ikuo Taniguchi, Teruhiko Kai, Shingo Kazama and Yuichi Fujioka
  • Coal Energy Conversion via Combustion in Supercritical Aquifer Water: An Approach to Electric Power Generation without Atmospheric Emissions
    J.R. Heberle, P.D. Mobley, C.F. Edwards
  • Coal and Biomass Gasification under Supercritical Water Conditions
    BumJick Kim and Reginald E. Mitchell
  • Towards Extinguishing Naturally Occurring Coalbed Fires Around the World; The Structural Mechanics, Combustion, and Subsurface Flow Processes in a Coalbed Fire Near Durango, CO
    Taku Ide, David Pollard, Reggie Mitchell, Lynn Orr
  • Effects of Adsorbed CO2 on the Physical Properties of Low-rank Coal Samples from the Powder River Basin, Wyonming
    Yi Yang, Paul Hagin and Mark Zoback
  • Geochemical Controls on Trace Element Solubility in Deep Aquifer Porewaters
    Benjamin Kocar, John Heberle, Reginald E. Mitchell, Christopher Edwards and Scott Fendorf
  • A Cost Efficient, Data Estimation Based Approach for Quasi-Continuous Seismic Monitoring of Buried CO2
    Adeyemi Arogunmati, Jerry M. Harris
  • Effective True 4-D Monitoring of CO2 Geologic Storage
    Jerry M. Harris, Youli Quan and Adeyemi Arogunmati
  • Friday, October 2, 2008
  • Solar Energy
  • Exergy and Carbon Flow in Natural and Human Systems
    Richard E. Sassoon, Weston A. Hermann, I-Chun Hsiao, Ljuba Miljkovic, Aaron J. Simon, and Sally M. Benson
  • Development of Characterization Techniques for the Hot Carrier Solar Cell
    P.G. Linares, E. Canovas, E. Antolin, D. Fuertes Marron, C. Tablero, E. Hernandez, A. Marti, A. Luque
  • Hot Carrier Solar Cells - Structures for Slowed Carrier Cooling
    Conibeer, Green, König, Shrestha, Huang, Aliberti, Treiber, Patterson, Puthen Veettil, Hsieh, Luque, Marti, Linares, Canovas, Antolin, Fuertes Marron, Tablero, Hernandez, Guillemoles, Huang, Lebris, Laribi, Olsson, Schmidt, Clady, Tayebje
  • Bubble Evolution to Measure the Local Water Splitting Rate on SrTiO3
    Andrew J. Leenheer, Harry A. Atwater
  • Catalysis for Solar Fuels
    Bryan D. Stubbert, Bert T. Lai, and Harry B. Gray
  • Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications Grown by Reactive Sputtering
    Vardaan Chawla, Stacey F. Bent, Bruce M. Clemens
  • Design Approach for Thin Film Si Plasmonic Solar Cells
    Vivian E. Ferry, Marc A. Verschuuren, Hongbo B. T. Li, Ruud E. I. Schropp, Albert Polman, Harry A. Atwater
  • Plasmonic Nanoparticle Enhanced Light Absorption in InGaN Quantum Well Solar Cells
    Imogen M. Pryce, Daniel D. Koleske, Arthur J. Fischer, Harry A. Atwater
  • Photoelectrochemical Power and Hydrogen Production from p-Silicon Rod Arrays
    Shannon Boettcher, Matthew Bierman, Emily Warren, Morgan Putnam, Josh Spurgeon, Daniel Turner-Evans, Harry Atwater, and Nate Lewis
  • Polymer-Assisted Direct Deposition of Uniform Carbon Nanotube Bundle Networks for High Performance Transparent Electrodes
    Sondra Hellstrom, Hang Woo Lee, Zhenan Bao
  • Effect of Absorption Coefficient on the Performance of Organic Photovoltaics based on Vinylene Linked Copolymers
    Sangwon Ko, Rajib Mondal, Jung Kyu Lee, Sanghyun Hong, Michael D. McGehee, and Zhenan Bao
  • Solar-Selective Absorbers using Sub-Wavelength Gratings
    N. P. Sergeant, M. Agrawal, P. Peumans
  • Nanostructured and Nanowire Solar Cells
    Evan Pickett, Anjia Gu, Yijie Huo, Paul C. McIntyre, and James S. Harris, Jr.
  • Fused Aromatic Thienopyrazine Copolymers for Photovoltaic and Thin Film Transistor Applications
    Rajib Mondal, Hector A. Becerril, Sangwon Ko, Nobuyuki Miyaki, Jack Parmer, Joseph Norton, Jean L. Bredas, Michael D. McGehee and Zhenan Bao
  • Novel Acene-containing Copolymers for Organic Thin-Film Transistors and Photovoltaics
    Ying Jiang, Toshihiro Okamoto, Sanghyun Hong, Hector Becerril, Rajib Mondal, Sangjun Lee, Zhenan Bao, Jack Parmer, Alex Mayer, Michael D. McGehee
  • Lateral Nanoconcentrator Nanowire Multijunction Photovoltaic Cells
    Ying Chen, Jason Parker, Trudie Wang, Xinyu Bao, Aaron Hryciw, Jim McVittie, Mark Brongersma, Yoshio Nishi, Peter Peumans, H.-S. Philip Wong
  • Photo-electronic Enhancement of Thermionic Emission
    D.C. Riley, J.W. Schwede, R.T. Howe, Z.-X. Shen, N.A. Melosh
  • Nanostructured ZnO as a Transparent Conductor For Solar Cell Electrodes
    Sujay Phadke, Rodrigo Roriega, Saahil Mehra, Daeoong Kim, Jack West, Alberto Salleo
  • Semiconductor Nanowire Antenna Solar Cells
    Linyou Cao, Mark L. Brongersma
  • Advanced Energy Transformations and Storage
  • Engineered Nanostructures by Block Copolymer Lithography: Properties and Applications
    David A. Boyd, Changyi Li, William Chueh, Sossina Haile, David Goodwin
  • Time-Dependent Modeling of Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductors
    Francesco Ciucci, Yong Hao, William Chueh, Sossina Haile, David Goodwin
  • Polymer Sphere Lithography for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: A Route to Functional, Well-Defined Electrode Structures
    Evan C. Brown, Stephen K. Wilke, David A. Boyd, David G. Goodwin, and Sossina M. Haile
  • Modification of Metal-Oxide Electrode Surfaces with Azido Phosphonic Acids
    Jonathan D. Prange, Christopher E. D. Chidsey
  • Ruthenium Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts as Electrooxidation Catalysts for Alcohols
    Kristen R. Brownell, Charles McCrory, Robert Waymouth, Christopher Chidsey
  • Attachment of Molecular Electrocatalysts Directly and Covalently to Carbon Electrodes
    Charles C. L. McCrory, Anando Devadoss, Vadim Ziatdinov, T. Daniel P. Stack, Robert M. Waymouth, Christopher E. D. Chidsey
  • Electrocatalytic Oxidation by Covalently Immobilized Metal Complexes
    Matthew A. Pellow, Eric D. Stenehjem, Christopher E.D. Chidsey, and T. Daniel P. Stack
  • Enriching Oxygen Content in Air by Nonequilibrium Plasmas
    H. Do, M. Bak, W. Kim, and M. Cappelli
  • Nanostructured MoS2 and WS2 for the Solar Production of Hydrogen
    Zhebo Chen, Shin-Jung Choi, Jakob Kibsgaard, Thomas Jaramillo
  • Increasing Engine Efficiency by Extreme Compression
    M.N. Svrcek, S.L. Miller, C.F. Edwards
  • Li-Fe-Silicates as Cathode Materials for Upscaled Li-Ion Batteries: Theory
    Anti Liivat, Josh Thomas
  • Li-Fe-Silicates as Cathode Materials for Upscaled Li-Ion Batteries: Experiment
    Kinson Kam, David Ensling, Torbjorn Gustafsson, Josh Thomas
  • Study of Polycarbonyl Containing Molecules for the Development of All-Organic Li-Ion Batteries
    J. Geng, M. Armand, J-P. Bonnet, F. Dolhem, P. Poizot, J-M. Tarascon
  • Optimal Architecture for Efficient Steady-Flow Engines
    Sankaran Ramakrishnan, Kwee-Yan Teh, Christopher F. Edwards
  • Metal Electrode Fabrication via Nanosphere Lithography, and Through-Thickness Conductivity Properties of Thin HfO2 Membranes
    Andy Y. Lin and Michael Shandalov
  • Nano-scale Metal Oxide Fuel Cell Membranes
    Michael Shandalov, Cynthia Ginestra, C. Ko, S. Ramanathan, and P.C. McIntyre
  • C-H Bonds in Carbon Nanotubes as Energy Carrier
    S.Rajasekaran, R.Bhowmick, C.Beasley, D.Freibel, H.Ogasawara, X.Li, A.Nilsson, B. Clemens, H.Dai
  • Toward all organic Li-ion batteries Study of polycarbonyl materials
    J. Geng, M. Armand, J-P. Bonnet, J-M. Tarascon, F. Dolhem, P. Poizot


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