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October 1-3, 2007
Stanford University

Lynn Orr Keynote R.K. Pachauri via teleconference
GCEP Director Lynn Orr welcomes attendees to symposium. Keynote speaker R.K. Pachauri of the IPCC and TERI delivered his talk via teleconference.

Martha Krebs from the California Energy Comission Attendees
Martha Krebs with the California Energy Commission talks about the state’s response to the changing climate.
Hundreds of attendees participated in the symposium.

Pat Dehmer from the US Dept of Energy Bill Reilly from Aqua Int'l
Pat Dehmer from the US Department of Energy presents information on “Future Energy in a New Era of Science.” Bill Reilly from Aqua International discusses the business risks and opportunities of climate change.
Representatives from Toyota GE's Kelly Fletcher and GCEP Director Lynn Orr
Representatives from Toyota gather at a break. GE’s Kelly Fletcher and GCEP Director Lynn Orr take a break at the reception.
Sam Perry, Ken Caldeira, Chris Field and Marilyn Brown Michael McGehee's presentation
Sam Perry from Green Pavilion, Ken Caldeira from Carnegie Institution, Chris Field of Carnegie/Stanford, and Marilyn Brown from Georgia Tech get together at the reception.
Michael McGehee gives a presentation on “Improving Organic Solar Cells.”
Josh Thomas from Uppsala University Representatives from Toyota
Josh Thomas of Uppsala University asks a question about a poster. Representatives from Toyota discuss one of the posters.
Martin Green explains his poster Attendees enjoying lunch
Martin Green from the University of New South Wales explains the details of his research to Toyota representatives. Attendees including Mike McGehee from Stanford, Paul Stevens and Rusty Kelley from ExxonMobil, and Jacob Woodruff from Nanosolar enjoy a lunch break.
PhD & graduate students at a reception Yi Cui, Martin Green, Allen Barnett and Kelly Fletcher
GCEP PhD and graduate student researchers -- Sankaran Ramakrishnan, J.R. Heberle, Shannon Miller, and Greg Rieker – at a reception. Yi Cui (Stanford), Martin Green (University of New South Wales), Allen Barnett (University of Delaware), and Kelly Fletcher (GE).
PI's and student researchers at dinner Dinner Guests
GCEP principal investigators and student researchers at dinner. Paul Stevens (Exxonmobil), Chris Chidsey (Stanford), Terri Grocela (GE), Jin Zhang (UC Santa Cruz) and others enjoy dinner.
More dinner guests Wim Haije from ECN
Robert Waymouth, Chris Field, Juan de Bedout, Terry Surles, Sally Benson, Roel Snieder, and Bruce Clemens at dinner. Wim Haije from ECN gives a presentation on “Advanced Membrane Reactors in Energy Systems.”
Steve Ingebritson from the US Geological Survey Jerry M. Harris
Steve Ingebritson from the US Geological Survey asks a question of the speaker. Jerry M. Harris of Stanford listens to a question posed by a participant.
Principal investigators and student researchers from ECN and TU Delft Sally Benson, Ethan Chabora, and Micahel Krause
GCEP principal investigators and student researchers from ECN and TU Delft gather at the afternoon break. GCEP Executive Director Sally Benson takes a break with her students Ethan Chabora and Michael Krause.
Yemi Arogunmati explains his poster Taku Ide talks about his poster
Yemi Arogunmati answers a question about his poster on “Data Integration for Spatiotemporal Imaging.” Taku Ide talks about his poster on “Characterization of a Coalbed Fire Near Durango, CO.”


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