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GCEP Research Symposium 2005


June 13 - 16, 2005
Stanford University

Prof. Ronald Hanson (far left) of Stanford's Mechanical Engineering Dept. leads a panel discussion about advanced combustion. Prof. David Victor of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at the Center for Environmental Science and Policy at Stanford gives a keynote speech.

John Shinn of ChevronTexaco, John Bradshaw of Geoscience Australia, and Prof. Freeman Dyson of Princeton University.
More than 200 people attended the GCEP Research Symposium.

Prof. Sossina Haile of the California Institute of Technology speaks about "Proton Conduction Materials". T.S. Ramakrishnan of Schlumberger asks a question during the symposium.
Stanford graduate student-researcher
Karen Law takes notes.
Stanford graduate student-researcher Shannon Miller discusses her poster with Prof. Freeman Dyson of Princeton University.
Afternoon poster session examining carbon dioxide sequestration
Prof. Mike McGehee (right) of Stanford's Materials Science and Engineering Dept. with his students
Cor. J. Peters of TU Delft, Daniel Jansen of ECN, Richard Sassoon of GCEP, Joop Schoonman of TU Delft, and Wim Haije of ECN.
Prof. Ernest Moniz of MIT, and Philippe Lacour-Gayet of Schlumberger.
Brian Flannery of ExxonMobil, and Sally Benson of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Toyota representatives and Stanford graduate student-researchers.


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