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Jennifer MilneJennifer Milne
Energy Assessment Analyst

Jennifer Milne joined GCEP as an Energy Assessment Analyst in August 2007. Prior to this she was a post-doctoral Scholar at Stanford University in the Department of Biology and at the Carnegie Institution of Science, Department of Plant Biology, working with Chris Somerville on biomass related projects. Most of her work was focused on understanding the biosynthesis of plant cell walls and on finding ways to enhance biomass for use as a biofuel using biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetic tools.

She holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of York, UK, where her thesis work was focused on understanding the structure and function of stomatal guard cell walls and how opening and closing of the stomatal pore is related to wall composition. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Stirling, UK, graduating at the top of her class in 1997.

Milne has been involved in diverse projects related to science and the environment. She worked as an environmental economics research assistant at the Environmental Economics Research Group, Stirling University and was involved in a number of projects including studies on red deer in Scotland, and cost-benefit analysis of environmental trade-offs. She also worked with Unilever for a summer on the biophysics of plant materials, for which she received an award. Much of her work in plant biology and environmental economics has led to publications in peer-reviewed journals.



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